Lifetime Roofing & Siding Testimonials

Lifetime Roofing and Siding Inc. recently completed a total steel siding job on our house. We also had all the casings, facia and soffits covered in metal so that we now have a “maintenance free home.” Plus, we also had them replace two patio sliders. We were completely satisfied with all aspects of the job, from selection to final results. My wife and I chose Lifetime Roofing and Siding for the following reasons:
1. We talked to 8 different contractors about this project. Only Ed from Lifetime spent the time we felt necessary to make all the choices of product and color. Once we had narrowed down to a particular color, Ed came out and nailed some of the sample siding to the front of our garage so we could see what it would look like with the brick and ... Read more
2. Only Ed from Lifetime took the time to “educate” us on the available products. He didn't “push” one siding product over another; rather he took the time to explain all the pros and cons. Even though steel was more expensive, we went with that product as we felt when amortized over 25 years, the extra expense made more sense for the value received.
3. Only Lifetime did not require some percentage up front in payment. That told me that this was a solid organization that would stand the test of time if and when we needed service. Being in business since 1975 and being licensed and bonded was extremely important to us.
4. Judy from the office was able to get us some addresses of people who already had Lifetime side their home with the two colors we were considering. It just happened that we were able to talk to two of these people and they expressed total satisfaction with their experience with Lifetime.
When it came to the actual process of having the siding applied, again we were more than satisfied.

1. The crew was extremely friendly and polite. If they had any questions about how something was to be done, they always asked first.

2. They really took their time installing the product. It just wasn't “slapped” up so they could rush to another job. Rather they were very meticulous in how they installed the entire project.

3. I was extremely pleased on how clean they left the work site each night when they left. I had three different neighbors comment on this fact also.

We have had nothing but rave compliments from the neighbors on what a remarkable transformation has taken place on the home. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or drive by and take a look.
Jim and Pat Smith
Post Falls, Idaho

P.S. We have an elderly neighbor who had a corner of her siding really damaged when her husband hit it with their lawn tractor several years back before he passed away. I told Ed about it and asked what it would take to get it fixed. He went over, took a look, and got a replacement corner for her. He also had his crew go over and put it up. He did this at no charge. She was so excited because she thought she would never be able to afford to get it fixed. That act of kindness in itself tells you a lot about Lifetime Roofing and Siding!